Cancer Connection Programs


Peer Match

Have you had cancer or been a caregiver of someone who has cancer? Do you have the time and the energy to walk with a fellow survivor/care giver through this new experience? Consider joining our cancer peer volunteers.

After training, you will be connected with a newly diagnosed patient or newly minted caregiver who has a similar life experience to you. You will reach out to them, have coffee, go for walks and offer emotional and spiritual support.

Hospital and Clinic Visitors

Hospitals and clinics can be alienating places. Our volunteer visitors meet patients at local oncology centers and hospitals. These volunteers provide connection, information, and comfort to patients and their families.


Do you knit? Do you crochet? Our Hugcraft volunteers make useable items for the clients of the Cancer Connection program. We are always looking for crafters to wrap our clients in love.

Interested in volunteering?

Click here to fill out the Volunteer Application, or to learn more about our one-on-one matching program or clinical visitor program please contact Linda Richards, at 512-459-5883 or


Prior to volunteering, you will attend a 10 hour training on cancer and emotional and spiritual support.